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Self-Inflatable Modern Type Sandbag

PODS MARKETING MIX also offers a number of disaster preparedness products for both the business community and for the household. These products include but are not limited to:

  • Soak-a-bag
    • When it comes to effective, economical and reliable flood protection, SOAK-A-BAG has been the undisputed market leader for flood protection since 2004.

      Under the scrutiny of the Engineering Batallion, fire officials, and first responders of TEMA (formerly NEMA), this product underwent extensive and rigid testing, in a sloping drain, filled with four feet of water. To no avail, SOAK-A-BAG demonstrated its versatility, robustness and extreme ability to absorb and retain high volumes of water, thus proving to be an effective means for keeping unwanted flood waters out.

      Since then, SOAK-A-BAG has been fully endorsed by and is continuously procured by TEMA, regional corporations, corporate businesses and home-owners. Having a shelf-life of three to five years, makes the procurement of SOAK-A-BAG manageable and ensures that local response agencies such as TEMA can immediately deploy a tested flood protection system within short time frames that is less labour intensive than tradition sandbags.

      SOAK-A-BAG has been the unmatched market leader in inflatable sandbagging and other similar types of technologies for the last seven years and has become a ‘household name’ for many in T & T.

      Distributed by PODS Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions, this company prides itself by upholding high standards of customer service in educating its customers on the best practices for storage, deployment and disposal of SOAK-A-BAG. Many competitive products have subsequently launched in Trinidad but to date, SOAK-A-BAG remains ahead of its game…lowest in price, biggest in size and strongest in flood protection.

      The advantages of SOAK-A-BAG include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Self-inflates upon contact with water;
      2. Requires no labour as no sand is used;
      3. It is easy to use, move and store,
      4. Expands from 1 lb to 55 lbs in just minutes;
      5. Contours to the shape of your opening
      6. Has a shelf-life of 5-10 years;
      7. Easy deployment
      8. 100% environmentally friendly
      9. Yields excellent results

      At PODS, we don’t just try to sell a flood bag, we try to determine your needs and then recommend which one of our flood protection systems (SOAK-A-BAG, DOOR DAM AND TIGER DAMS) will give the best results, as in some instances SOAK-A-BAG may not be recommended. Site visits are encouraged and in most cases mandatory for almost every customer requiring a flood protection system.

      PODS is a regional supplier of highly specialized emergency management equipment and offer a wide cross-section of emergency management training. For more information, contact PODS on 622-6600, email us at pods@tstt.net.tt or click on podstt.com.

Flood Barriers & Flood Panels

PODS MARKETING MIX also offers a number of disaster preparedness products for both the business community and for the household. These products include but are not limited to:

  • Removeable Flood Barrier - FB11/22
    • Information Coming Soon!
  • Modular Flood Barrier - FB33 (replaces DOOR DAM)
    • Information Coming Soon!
  • Hinged Flood Barrier - FB44
    • Information Coming Soon!
  • Floodgate Mechanical Seals - CG11HA
    • Information Coming Soon!
  • Lightweight Flood Panel with Mechanical Seals - C22
    • Information Coming Soon!
  • Stackable Flood Barriers - FASTLOGS & CGSL
    • Information Coming Soon!
  • Watertight Doors - D3C
    • Information Coming Soon!