Mobile Shelter Information

1st Mobile Shelters in Trinidad

On March 30, 2012 PODS created history in Trinidad after five (5) mobile shelter systems were delivered to the Ministry of Local Government, after the successful award of tender. These mobile shelters were subsequently handed over to five (5) Disaster Management Units in efforts to build their emergency response capabilities within their municipalities. The five (5) corporations included Arima Borough Corporation, Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, Port-of-Spain City Corporation, Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation and Siparia Regional Corporation.

Mr. Owen Sandy, former Director of Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) delivered extensive, hands-on MOBILE SHELTER SYSTEM training from April 17 to 19, 2012. Disaster Management Units along with other team members of these five (5) corporations learnt how to deploy their multi-functional shelter in less than 60 minutes.

These high-quality MOBILE SHELTERS, supplied by PODS Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions, will be used in the field as facilities for sleeping accommodations, medical operations, command and control centres, communications and project or administration for business continuity.

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Western Shelter Systems

Since 1992, Western Shelter Systems has been a primary supplier of emergency response shelters for FEMA USAR, NDMS DMAT, CDC, federal, state, county, and municipal fire and police jurisdictions; as well as forest service, military, hospital, and industrial organizations. Its shelters can be found supporting government and private operations on every continent and in every corner of the globe.

Engineered with deployability in mind, all products are designed for portability, compactability, interoperablity, superior stand-alone performance.

Emergency Shelter Systems

Emergency Preparedness Made Easy.

Western Shelter Systems’ custom shelter solutions provide everything your team needs for on-scene emergency and disaster response. From DMAT field hospitals and USAR base camps to mobile command centers and surge capacity alternate care facilities, our multi-functional systems are carefully designed for rapid deployment and efficient emergency operation.

As a leader in the emergency shelter industry, our years of field experience have helped us to create innovative solutions with proven reliability and effectiveness. Keep your emergency response team prepared for any situation with Western Shelter and GateKeeper – the one shelter system designed to provide everything but food, fuel, and water.

Commerical Shelter Systems

Serving the Exploration, Construction and Environmental industries worldwide, our products are operational in some of the most austere locations and harshest environments on Earth. Engineered with deployability in mind, all of our systems are designed to be portable, compact and interoperable.

For over 20 years, Western Shelter Systems has led the way in remote field support with efficiently deployed solutions and packaged support systems.

Western Shelter Systems provides remote site facilities designed specifically for your project requirement. Recognized for our innovative solutions to remote site challenges, we manufacture proven products arranged into unique systems to meet the demands of each challenge. As a result, facilities from Western Shelter Systems are a combination of high-quality equipment and comprehensive systems integration delivering to you the most cost effective facilities available.

Our selections of aluminum-framed, fabric covered shelters are suitable for a 6-person fly camp, or a 10,000 person construction camp. A portable shelter facility from Western Shelter Systems is 1/3 the weight and 1/7 the shipping volume of a traditional trailer camp of equivalent square footage.

Our shelters have been configured as individual bedrooms or dorms, kitchens, dining rooms, recreation areas, laundry or storage rooms, shower houses, ablutions, offices and medical space. A turnkey facility from Western Shelter Systems is complete from shelter to sewage if needed, and packaged to facilitate almost any transportation method.

Military Shelter Systems

Our military/DOD team recognizes your quest for products that possess the highest standards of reliability, interoperability, and performance.

We appreciate the importance you place on product integrity and dependability when operating under austere and challenging environmental extremes.

Our experience helps us to understand your mission, operational requirements, and reliance upon industry partners who speak your language, develop solutions, and solve specific applications or issues with your input. We provide action to your ideas and hands-on customer support.